Buckreef Gold Exploration

Over the last 16 months, TRX Gold has been focused on creating shareholder value by discovering, investigating and expanding the known gold zones of its extensive Buckreef Gold property. The Company’s goal is to discover new resources and to convert resources to gold reserves, by:

  1. step-out drilling in the northeast extension of Buckreef Main;
  2. infill drilling to upgrade Mineral Resources currently in the Inferred category in Buckreef Main
  3. infill drilling at Buckreef West
  4. developing an exploration program for the newly discovered Anfield Zone
  5. upgrading historical mineral resources at Bingwa and Tembo
  6. identifying new prospects at Buckreef Gold Project, and in the East African region.

gold exploration

2022 Gold Exploration

TRX’s 10,000 metre drill program is ongoing. The Company has drilled 22 holes to date, representing 7,595 meters in the NE extension of Buckreef Main Zone. TRX has recently added an additional drill rig to expand this exploration program.

As announced in both June and August of this year, TRX Gold has recently extended the Buckreef Main Zone strike length by approximately 30% or 300 meters to the Northeast, to a total strike length of 2 kilometres. The Company also announced positive assay results from the northeast (NE) step-out drilling program on the Main Zone

The results are positive and significant for the Company as they demonstrate:

  1. good width and grade of mineralization consistent with the Buckreef Main Zone
  2. successful step-out extending the strike length of known mineralization
  3. gold mineralization open to NE and at depths to 250-300m, consistent with the Buckreef Main Zone
  4. the immense opportunity to generate and drill significant exploration targets to expand the scale and scope of the Buckreef Gold project.

    Highlights include, select intercepts:
    • Hole BMDD233 intersected 19.5m grading @ 2.35 g/t Au from 203.0 m, including: (i) 6.0m grading @ 6.27 g/t Au at 215.0m; and (ii) 39.4m grading @ 2.19 g/t from 361.9m.
    • Hole BMDD228 intersected 25.5m grading @ 1.01 g/t Au from 348.5m.
    • Hole BMDD236 intersected 28.0m grading @ 3.27 g/t Au from 299.0 m, including 7.05 m grading @ 7.22 g/t Au at 300.0m.
    • Hole BMDD246 intersected 12.27 m grading @ 1.90 g/t Au from 191.7 m, on northernmost section line. Deposit is open to north and up-dip towards surface.
    • Hole BMDD244 intersected 4.50 m grading @ 1.96 g/t Au from 129.5 m.
    • Hole BMDD243 intersected 7.46 m grading @ 1.76 g/t Au from 101.5 m.

TRX also plans to drill at the newly discovered Anfield Zone and extend the Eastern Porphyry Zone this year. This exploration program combined with the extension of the Buckreef Main Zone is expected to expand the scope and scale of the Buckreef Gold project.

gold exploration

gold exploration

gold exploration

2021 Gold Exploration

Buckreef West Gold Discovery

The Company announced the discovery of Buckreef West, which lies in close proximity to the Buckreef Main Zone, defining a near vertical shear zone, over a strike length of 400 meters (“m”), with interpreted gold mineralization shallowly plunging to the northeast. The mineralized zone remains open to the south and at depth. Highlights include:

  • Shallow depth: All reported intercepts are at shallow depth on a well-defined structure which is interpreted as a splay off the Buckreef Main Zone
  • Open at depth and along strike: Over 400m of strike length has been drilled to date and the deposit remains open at depth and along strike in both directions
  • Select intercepts:
    • BWDD017 intersected 4.57m @ 6.4 g/t Au from 44.9m
    • BWDD015, on the same line as Hole BWDD017, had two intersections: 2.18m @ 1.24 g/t Au from 86.9m and (ii) 2.49m @1.3 g/t Au from 105.1m
    • Hole BWDD012 intersected 5.57m @ 4.95 g/t Au from 98.4m and 4.0m @ 2.19 g/t Au from 92.0m
    • BWDD013, on the same line as Hole BWDD012 intersected 1.5m @ 2.2 g/t Au from 59.5m
    • BWDD0018 intersected 7.0m @ 2.03 g/t Au from 44.0m and 3.85m @ 2.86 g/t from 56.0m
    • BWDD0031 intersected 2.5m @ 7.29 g/t Au from 46.1m

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Anfield Zone Gold Discovery

The Company announced a new discovery of three closely spaced parallel, gold bearing structures at Buckreef, collectively now known as the Anfield Zone. Follow-up field work and diamond drilling is Currently being planned. Highlights include:

  • The new prospective gold mineralized zones, totaling a combined 2.9-kilometer (km) strike length were identified through geological (field) mapping, sampling and examination of artisanal workings. Collectively, they have been named the Anfield Zone
  • Grab samples of mineralized bed (fresh) rock have been assayed, with highlights of:
    • 37.52 g/t
    • 28.55 g/t
    • 14.42 g/t
  • Located approximately 500m to the east of the Buckreef Main Zone
  • Aligns with and trends towards the Eastern Porphyry Mineral Resource

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